Digital register of shareholders

Simple and secure management of shareholder changes

By registering your company's shares with Euroclear Sweden, you get a safe, secure digital register of shareholders with automated features that save you time and remove the risks associated with manual administration.

We manage your register of shareholders
When you register your company's shares with us, we take over the responsibility for keeping the register of shareholders up to date. That is the difference between a register of shareholders at Euroclear Sweden and an “ordinary” register of shareholders, where you have to update changes of ownership and other changes yourself.

How to create a digital register of shareholders at Euroclear Sweden
In order to obtain a digital register of shareholders with us, you need to register your company's shares in our system. In connection with this, the company becomes a CSD-registered company.

Order your register of shareholders in our client portal

Besides less administration, you also get access to our client portal IssuerCorner. It enables you to:

  • Order complete register of shareholders and address registers
  • Order a general meeting register of shareholders before a general meeting
  • Order dividends: We take care of statements of earnings and tax deductions and withheld preliminary tax for the Swedish Tax Agency.

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