Automated fund order management

Automated fund order management

A large proportion of the order administration within funds trading in the Swedish market is still done by using fax and email. Manual processing entails both high administrative costs and unnecessary operational risks.

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We believe in the benefit of using standards and processes for fund messages and are continuously engaged in making improvements together with other players in the market in order to meet the market's needs, both internationally and locally.                                                                                                           

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Fredrik Edensvärd

Head of Funds Services

Tel: +46 (0)73 800 43 35 

[email protected]

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Secure and effective

Our fund service removes manual processing and automates the order flow, which creates faster, more secure and more effective funds trading.

All processing in connection with purchase and sale takes place automatically, and you can follow each order in real time. You can also receive automatic reconciliations on a daily basis.

Just as with other securities that we manage in our securities system, our fund service has the same security requirements and supervision from authorities.


Simple implementation

It is simple to implement and start using our service for digital fund order processing.

You can connect to our service without replacing your existing system. We have vast experience of collaborating with different system suppliers in the market, and we take care of the implementation.

This means that you can continue to use the same interface and suppliers as today.


International fund offerings

Euroclear Sweden's fund service offers the opportunity to affiliate with the Euroclear group's international fund offering.

You are thus able to offer your clients a very large range of international funds.


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