Automated fund order management

Automated fund order management

Introducing automation to your fund order processing yields greater security, lowers administration costs and improves transparency in the order flow. This benefits both distributors and investment funds, and, by extension, the end investor.

Let us help you improve your processes

We believe in the benefit of using standards and processes for fund announcements, and we work continuously to improve together with the market’s actors to meet current needs both internationally and locally.                                                                                                           

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Fredrik Edensvärd

Head of Funds Services

Tel: +46 (0)73 800 43 35

The benefits of our fund service

Automate the entire order flow

Our fund service removes manual processing from the equation and automates your order flow for fund trading. This is not only faster, but more secure and more efficient.
You can track each order in real time and you can also access informative and automated reconciliations on a daily basis.


Easy implementation

It is easy to implement and begin using our fund service without the need to replace your existing system. This means you can continue to use the same interface and suppliers that you use today. We have extensive experience of collaborating with many different systems suppliers on the market, which proves a great asset when it comes to implementation.


International fund offerings

Euroclear Sweden’s fund service also includes the option to connect with the international fund offerings of the wider Euroclear Group.

This opens up the opportunity to automate orders towards a comprehensive offering of international funds.


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