Vantage by Euroclear

Faster and deeper analysis for Investor Relations

Vantage by Euroclear is an information and analysis service which provides more detailed insight into a company’s shareholder base. The service makes it possible to keep track of your company’s ownership structure and to follow share movements.

The service also incorporates integrated information from Morningstar regarding foreign shareholders, current stock exchange information from Millistream and regulatory notifications.

Manage your ownership data with Vantage by Euroclear

The ownership picture – all in one place

Here you can see who is buying, who owns what, and all the changes that occur. As well as who is behind foreign institutional nominees. In addition to information from Euroclear Sweden’s register of shareholders, you can also access supplementary data on foreign shareholders (Morningstar), stock exchange data and information on regulatory notifications and insider transactions.

Compare against other companies (peers)

Intuitive visualisation of changes in ownership data, such as rising and falling holdings or historical developments, provides a much clearer picture of the listed company. More data and the option to compare against other similar companies (or peers) provides you with better and more accurate information to support your decision-making.

Support throughout the financial year

Vantage by Euroclear can be used throughout the company financial year – during preparations for general meeting, interim reports, annual reports and nominating committees. The information is easy to access and the service functions as a natural component in your daily work with matters pertaining to investor relations.

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Additional features of Vantage by Euroclear

Vantage by Euroclear boasts a user-friendly interface with reliable data taken directly from Euroclear Sweden’s register of shareholders.

Key features of Vantage by Euroclear include:

  • View of the ownership structure
  • Drill down to ultimate ownership, including foreign funds and institutions
  • Analyze information both in data tables and intuitive interactive visualizations
  • Sort, filter and search your data according to your specific needs
  • Analyze data in the wider context of share price moves, market news and regulatory notifications
  • Export data for further analysis and inclusion in executive, board level and shareholding reporting
  • Access shareholder data via API. (API stand-alone service also available separately).
    (API, Application Program Interface - allows two computers to communicate directly and share data securely)

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