Vantage by Euroclear

Faster and more in-depth data analysis for Investor Relations

Vantage by Euroclear, provides listed companies with in-depth insights into their shareholder base. The service provides investor relations professionals with data and insights on their company's shareholder structure and share movements.  The service also includes information on foreign investors from Morningstar, press releases and stock market prices from Millistream and regulatory notifications.

Get shareholder insights with Vantage by Euroclear

Clear owner structure

Who’s buying, who’s owning, what changes are happening, and who’s behind foreign institutional nominees.


Flexible trend reports

Swiftly export and present detailed information about your shareholders. With intuitive interactive visualizations, you gain a fully-fledged tool for all your reporting needs.

Golden Source data

The service is created by Euroclear Sweden, using its own golden source of shareholder register data. Together with value-added data from around the globe it provides you with fact-based insights.

Additional features of Vantage by Euroclear

Vantage by Euroclear is a user-friendly interface, neatly packaged service with original data straight from Euroclear Swedens shareholder register.

Key features of Vantage by Euroclear include:

• View of the ownership structure

• Drill down to ultimate ownership, including foreign funds and institutions

• Analyze information both in data tables and intuitive interactive visualizations

• Sort, filter and search your data according to your specific needs

• Analyze data in the wider context of share price moves, market news and regulatory notifications

• Export data for further analysis and inclusion in executive, board level and shareholding reporting

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