Digital Postal Voting

Digital Postal Voting

In order to facilitate for shareholders and limited companies, Euroclear Sweden is now launching a digital service for postal voting at general meetings.

Shareholders can use BankID verification on Euroclear Sweden’s website to send their postal vote to the general meeting.



Via Euroclear Sweden's smart service, shareholders can easily cast their votes digitally at general meetings. Through identification via BankID, the shareholder can send his postal vote directly to the Annual General Meeting and thus does not need to be physically present on site to be able to cast his vote.

Note that you as a limited company do not need to have hired Euroclear Sweden for other services around general meetings to gain access to Euroclear Sweden's digital postal voting service.

If BankID is missing, it is also possible to download a voting form. You then fill in the form, print it out, sign it and send the form by post to the company. The address of the company can be found in the form.

This approach can also be used by shareholders who are legal entities and wish to vote by mail.


Digital postal voting - how it works

You start by going to To be able to submit your postal vote you must first identify yourself through BankID. Once this has been done, the link "Submit postal vote" will be enabled for each company in the list.

If you do not have BankID, a postal voting form can be downloaded. You then fill in, print, sign and send the form to the company. The address to the company can be found in the form. This procedure may also be used by shareholders who are legal entities.

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