Support with your AGM

Euroclear Sweden can help you with your AGM

We understand that different companies have different needs when it comes to their annual general meetings. Some simply need support with certain elements while others would rather leave the entire event to us. We have ample experience when it comes to AGMs (Annual General Meetings) and we can help you with everything from registering notices of attendance to on-site support and managing votes during the meeting itself.

Do you need help calculating the key dates for your general meeting, such as for dividends, the deadline for re-registration and notification? If so, you can use our General meeting calculator: Euroclear Sweden's General meeting calculator

Our Services


When you select bossComplete, you leave the majority of the event in our capable hands. We will be by your side from the planning stage right through to the last item on the agenda.
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When you choose bossNotify, you hand over parts of the event to us. We are available from the planning phase to the start of the meeting.
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Digital postal voting

Euroclear Sweden’s service allows shareholders to place their votes digitally ahead of the general meetings.
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