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All you need to know about your securities account and your income tax return

Frequently asked questions

I sold securities during the year and I need the purchase amount

It is generally only when you have bought or sold securities during the year the purchase amount must be specified on a separate appendix to the income-tax return.

There are three ways to find out the purchase amount:

  1. When you bought the securities you received a contract note from your account operator, i.e. a bank or broker. The contract note shows, among other things, at what bid/asking price the transaction was made, and payment date.
  2. If you have lost your contract note you need to contact your account operator for information regarding the purchase amount.
  3. If the account operator do not have the information, you need to use a standardized method.
    For more information, please contact the Swedish Tax Agency or visit

Please note that we do not have information regarding purchase amounts.

Will I receive an annual statement of securities holdings prior to filing the tax return?

In January each year we send out an annual statement to all owner-registered account holders that:

  • had securities holdings registered in their owner-registered account on 31 December, and/or
  • received dividend/interest in the previous year.

The annual statement shows the holdings recorded as of 31 December, payments made during the year, as well as the year-end value (assuming that we have received this information). The annual statements are sent out by Euroclear Sweden, but the account operator, i.e. a bank or a broker, is listed as the sender. On the annual statement you can see the telephone number and the address of the account operator.

We also submit a statement of earnings and deductions to the Swedish Tax Agency. The statement of earnings and deductions sets forth the securities holdings as of 31 December. Dividends received, interest, certain redemption amounts, and withheld preliminary tax during the year are also reported. In many cases you can use a simplified tax return.

I have not received an annual statement

If you have not received your annual statement please contact your bank or broker in Sweden. They will help you to check your address and change the address if it is incorrect. They can also send you a new copy of the annual statement.