Public registers of shareholders

According to the Swedish Companies Act (ABL), we are obliged as a Central Securities Depository to provide information to whoever requests it about shareholders owning 500 shares or more in a particular company. These shareholders are collected in public registers of shareholders that we publish four times per year, i.e. every quarter.

Order a printed version or visit our office

It is possible to order public registers of shareholders from us for a fee equivalent to the cost of printing and us producing the transcription. To access public shareholders register please contact or call 08-402 9150.

Ordering a public register of shareholders makes you data controller in accordance with GDPR

It is important to remember that when ordering a public register of shareholders you become data controller and puts you under a legal obligation to follow the regulations in GDPR. Using the data in the public register of shareholders for commercial purposes or other purposes which contravene GDPR is forbidden.

If you want to order a copy of a public register of shareholders, please send an email to stating the company in which you are interested, the company's registration number along with the postal address to which you would like the register of shareholders to be sent.

How much does a public register of shareholders cost?

We have change our prices as of 1 June for public register of shareholders. The new cost of ordering a register of shareholders is SEK 900 + 20 öre per per printed page, plus postage. Additional register of shareholders as part of the same order cost SEK 60 each.


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