About us

We are the Swedish Central Securities Depository

Euroclear Sweden is the Swedish Central Securities Depository (CSD). We contribute to a safe and efficient securities management in the Swedish market, which we have done since 1971. In 2008 we became part of the international Euroclear group with its head office in Brussels, Belgium.

Euroclear Sweden’s digital securities system handles the delivery of securities, e.g. shares or bonds, and corresponding payment following the trade that takes place on e.g. the Stockholm Stock Exchange or other market places. This delivery of financial instruments and the corresponding payment, i.e. that the securities change owner, is called settlement.

Approximately 1,800 companies, including all listed Swedish public limited companies, are affiliated to our securities system. About 50 banks and other financial institutions are using our system on a daily basis to manage and settle securities, among others the shares that are traded on different market places. Euroclear Sweden’s latest development is a digital service for fund orders between fund companies and fund distributors. Additionally, we help many of our clients to arrange general meetings.

We have gained a great deal of knowledge and expertise as we have been the hub in the Swedish financial market for over 45 years, knowledge that we are happy to share with you. If you have questions about our business or want to become a client, please do not hesitate to contact us.