Information about LEI codes

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We collect and register LEI

According to the new EU regulation for CSDs, Central Securities Depositories Regulation (CSDR), Euroclear Sweden as a CSD need to collect and register our clients’ Legal Entity Identifier (LEI).

What do you as a client need to do?

If you are a client to us, first you need to apply for an LEI from an institute that issues LEI codes. In turn, we will collect your company’s LEI code as well as information about which country the company is registered in directly from you.

In case you already have an LEI, you are welcome to use the form below to send it to us.

What is the purpose of LEI?

The LEI is an international code that is used to identify companies and organisations in the global financial market.

Most countries have domestic company registers where companies are registered and receive a local identification number. LEI codes create a similar global register and make it possible to identify every single organisation in all transaction reporting around the world.

LEI codes will also be used for insider and insider trade reporting.

How to obtain an LEI?

There are a number of institutes issuing LEI codes. You can find more information on the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation’s website:

If you want to know more about the LEI register you can visit or email us at