As we embrace the warmth of summer, I am thrilled to share some exciting updates with you from Euroclear Finland. I´m delighted to confirm that our first corporate actions spring season after migrating the securities settlement to the ECB´s TARGET2-Securities platform has been very successful. 

With our  core CSD production performing well, Euroclear Finland has been able to shift focus to our new product strategy, which is largely driven by data products and co-innovation with our clients. Euroclear Finland is  building a stronger, more versatile position in the financial markets with our new services. We are launching and scaling strategic initiatives to serve issuers, the investor community, and financial institutions. In addition, we will continue developing data, ESG, and digital solutions to deliver sustained growth for clients and other stakeholders.

Our data vision for Euroclear Finland is ambitious: to provide a wide range of data-enabled services available for all market players. This includes improving access to data, introducing new data sources, and providing data analysis and insights in easily accessible formats. During this spring Euroclear Finland launched the first data-enabled services providing scalable solutions in the financial services community.

For our first new product, the Holdings and Transactions data API pilot ended in the first half of 2024, and is now in production. With this service, book-entry account holdings and transaction data can be shared with a 3rd party financial institution, if the book-entry account owner gives consent to Euroclear. Euroclear Finland has been investigating different types of use cases together with clients and there have been number of valuable insights for further development. 

Our data vision is ambitious: to provide a wide range of data-enabled services available for all market players.

Our continuous dialogue with our clients and commitment to finding solutions for their needs has brought us to where we are today. In addition to the data services, the newly launched Insider Services represents a next-generation data-enabled service to concretely drive strategic initiatives. The service is built in collaboration with the clients. The solution addresses complex compliance and risk management processes streamlining the insider management processes. Designed to ease insider management processes for companies and individuals with a statutory obligation to report their holdings, the service has already been implemented for the first clients, with more to come.

As the national Central Securities Depository and financial hub in Finland, our role is deeply rooted in trust. At the core of everything we do is the unwavering dedication to provide reliable services, to ensure the we continue to deliver on the trust our clients place in us and which is the ultimate value driver for Euroclear Finland.

Wishing you all a sunny and relaxing summer season!


Hanna Vainio
Euroclear Finland