TIETO24 exercise develops the preparedness for hybrid threats.

The TIETO24 exercise, which commenced in late March, serves as a crucial platform for enhancing our preparedness against hybrid threats. In this large-scale exercise, various stakeholders—including authorities, private sector entities, and players - collaborate to simulate joint actions during significant societal disruptions. This exercise's focus centers on the energy supply chain and its closely related logistics.

Janne Lehtimäki, Business Continuity Expert, from Euroclear Finland says:

“Over 180 organizations have actively engaged in the TIETO24 exercise, including operators from the energy and logistics sectors, as well as other critical sectors related to security of supply. This clearly indicates that security of supply is a collaborative effort involving various organizations in public and private sectors.”

Building awareness and collaboration

“Although, we are not part of the energy supply chain, we are one of the critical infrastructures in Finland. As a National Central Security Depository, we are more than keen on the matters on the national level, and undisrupted energy supply is one of the key requirements for the normal functioning of society, and its disruptions are also quick to paralyze activities in other industries in the society. Euroclear Finland has closely monitored the situation of energy supply during the last two years, and we are prepared for various types of disruptions.”

Who is involved?

Authorities and ministries governing these sectors, the National Emergency Supply Agency, Traficom’s National Cyber Security Centre, the police, the Finnish Defence Forces and the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle – these all have been organising this event and part of the exercise.

The TIETO24 exercises have a long-standing tradition, dating back to the late 1970s. The National Emergency Supply Agency oversees the organization of these exercises, with practical coordination carried out by Digipool, a part of the National Emergency Supply Organisation.

Source: More information on the TIETO24 exercise is available on the Digipool website.