Anders Löfgren, Head of Business Development at Euroclear Sweden, and Helena Hillström, CEO of Didner & Gerge
Anders Löfgren, Head of Business Development at Euroclear Sweden, and Helena Hillström, CEO of Didner & Gerge

Didner & Gerge, one of Sweden's leading fund management companies, has selected Euroclear Sweden to digitalize their fund order flow. Euroclear Sweden´s fund solution reduces the cost and risk associated with manual processing of fund administration. 

"Ever since Henrik Didner and Adam Gerge started the fund company in 1994, we have handled the fund administration in-house while many companies in the industry are outsourcing. The collaboration with Euroclear enables us to continue to manage our fund order flow internally even with an increasing number of orders per day", says Helena Hillström, CEO of Didner & Gerge. 

Euroclear Sweden´s fund solution brings a fully automated and secure fund order routing, which reduces the costs and operational risks associated with manual fund administration. In addition, this leads to better transparency and enables control in line with regulatory changes, something that has become essential for fund distributors. 

"We are happy to be collaborating with Didner & Gerge and proud to be part of their digitalisation journey. This means that we are further expanding our Nordic fund offering”, says Anders Löfgren, Head of Business Development at Euroclear Sweden.

For more information:

Karin Strand, Head of Communications, Euroclear Sweden
Tel.: +46 736-84 92 62

Helena Hillström, CEO Didner & Gerge
Tel.: +46 18-640 543

About Euroclear Sweden

Euroclear Sweden has been the Swedish Central Securities Depository since 1971 and provides a digital platform for securities management that contributes to secure, efficient trading of securities on the Swedish market. Since 2008, the company has been part of the Euroclear group, which consists of Euroclear Bank, with a rating of AA+ from Fitch Ratings and AA from Standard & Poor's, and CSDs in Belgium, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, the UK and Ireland.

About Didner & Gerge

Didner & Gerge is an independent fund management company founded in 1994 by Henrik Didner and Adam Gerge. The company pursues real active fund management with the goal of creating the best in class long-term returns (investment horizon five years or longer). In its active fund management, it strives to deliver a return that exceeds relevant benchmarks, while maintaining a reasonable level of risk.

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Karin Strand
Head of Communications
+46 736 84 92 62

Helena Hillström
CEO Didner & Gerge
+46 18 640 543