Digitalised funds trade

Automated order management for fund companies

Simplify administration, improve security and increase availability by changing to automated fund order management.

Despite a high pace of innovation in the Swedish finance market, many fund companies still process orders by fax or email. Manual order management entails higher operational risk and extensive administration.

Euroclear Sweden's digital solution for automated order management gives you better control, increased security and simpler administration. It also makes it easier to distribute your funds.

We help you to receive orders in standard format, which many distributors, e.g. banks, mutual funds, insurance companies etc. currently require. We work constantly to improve the standards and processes in the Swedish and international fund markets.

Make your funds accessible

As a fund company, you obviously want as many people as possible to have the opportunity to purchase shares in the funds you offer. By affiliating to our fund solution, you get better possibilities to make your funds accessible to buyers in the Swedish market.

When you affiliate to our digital fund solution you gain access to a network which already includes several of the major distributors. You can receive fund transactions in standard format from the distributors, as well as send confirmations and reconciliation files via the solution. This increases transparency and simplifies reporting in accordance with new regulations.

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Lower costs

Increased automation leads to lower current costs.

Decreased risk

Lower operational risk with less manual administration.

Smooth affiliation

Easy integration with most of the systems in the market.

Easy to join up

It is simple to implement and start using our solution for automated fund order management. You can connect to our solution without having to replace your existing system. We have vast experience in collaborating with different system suppliers in the market and dealing with implementation. In other words, you can continue to use the same interface and account structure as you are using today.

As a Central Securities Depository, Euroclear Sweden works closely with supervisory authorities and industry associations. With our digital platforms for securities management, we contribute to secure and effective trade with securities in the Swedish market.

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