Be prepared for your AGM - 4 tips

The Annual General Meeting season is here and there are many preparations to be made before, during and after your AGM.

Below is a quick guide on how to carry out a successful general meeting.

  1. Do not forget to order a register of shareholders to your AGM no later than 28 days prior to the meeting in our web portal IssuerCorner. Otherwise the banks will not be able to reregister their nominee-registered securities in time for the registration of voting rights, which must be done at the latest on the reconciliation date for the AGM. Only shareholders that are included in the register of shareholders for the AGM are entitled to attend and exercise their rights, either in person or through proxy.

  2. While you are ordering the register of shareholders in IssuerCorner, you might also want to register the dividend proposed by the board, in case this has been made public.

  3. No later than the day after the AGM, when the dividend, if any, has been decided, you need to confirm it in IssuerCorner so we can take care of the payment of dividend to the shareholders. Record date for dividend is two banking days after the AGM, when we reconcile the shareholders that are in the register of shareholders and who are eligible for receiving the dividend.

  4. When you have confirmed the divided in IssuerCorner, it is also a good idea to make sure that there are sufficient funds on the bank account from where the payment is made. The money is paid out to the shareholders three banking days after the record date for the dividend. For companies that pay divided in foreign currency, it takes an additional two days for the dividend to be paid out.

Some important dates to keep track of:

  • Reconciliation date for the AGM is 6 working days prior to the AGM
  • Last day for notification can earliest be 5 working days and latest 1 working day before the AGM
  • Record date for dividend is 2 banking days (that is not Saturday or national holiday) after the AGM
  • Dividend is paid out 3 banking days after the reconciliation date for dividend

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