Euroclear Sweden announce the launch of Vantage by Euroclear, a service that provides listed companies with in-depth insights into their shareholder base. The service provides investor relations professionals with data and insights on their company's shareholder structure and share movements.  The service also includes information on foreign investors from Morningstar, press releases and stock market prices from Millistream and regulatory notifications.  

Euroclear Sweden´s existing service, Analys, has for many years provided companies with transparency and analysis on their shareholder base. However, as the demands on the IR departments increase, faster and more in-depth data analysis is required. Euroclear Sweden has therefore, in collaboration with its customers, developed the next generation of their shareholder analytics tool – Vantage by Euroclear.

Insight into who owns shares in companies is becoming increasingly important for Investor Relations departments to be able to conduct active IR-work. There are risks in not having a clear view of who owns shares in your company, who takes positions and what profile the shareholders have. 

Annelie Lindahl, deputy CEO of Euroclear Sweden and responsible for Vantage by Euroclear says:

“To support Investor Relations departments in understanding the nature, composition, and evolution of their shareholders, they need both a comprehensive and structured view of the company´s shareholders. With Vantage by Euroclear, we will improve the user experience by aggregating a unique data set in an updated and user-friendly interface, which provides companies a better overview of their shareholders. “

Key features of Vantage by Euroclear include:

  • View of the ownership structure, with integrated information from Morningstar on foreign owners
  • Track changes in the ownership structure
  • Integrated information from Millistream with live streaming of news and share price data
  • Regulatory notifications including major shareholding notifications and short selling alerts

Vantage by Euroclear is intended for companies that have their shares registered with Euroclear Sweden. The service is designed to provide insight to all types of companies, regardless of size.

“We manage information about shareholdings on the Swedish stock markets and therefore have a unique and immediate insight into movements and ownership structures," says Roger Storm, CEO of Euroclear Sweden. “We can use our data and analysis to show who the underlying owner is, even in the case of foreign ownership. This gives Investor Relations departments a valuable insight into who owns the shares in the company.”

Here is more information about Vantage by Euroclear .

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