How to become a client

The process step by step

How to register shares with us

Are you considering listing your company on the stock exchange? Or do you want to avoid administration of your register of shareholders?

There are a number of different reasons for registering your company's shares with us. But, regardless of why you choose to become a client, the process is the same.


We manage your register of shareholders

become a client to Euroclear Sweden

When you become a Euroclear Sweden client, in practice it means that you hand over the responsibility for your register of shareholders to us. This means that your company becomes what is referred to as a CSD-registered company.

Amendment to the articles of association

record date provision Euroclear Sweden

A prerequisite for you to be able to register your shares, i.e. affiliate your company with us, is that you must first decide to introduce a record date provision in your articles of association. To do that, you need to call a general meeting to adopt a resolution on the amendment. The amendment must then be sent to the Swedish Companies Registration Office for registration.

Engage an Issuer Agent

Issuer Agent Euroclear Sweden

At the beginning of the process, you will need to get help from an Issuer Agent. An Issuer Agent is a bank or broker that helps you during the affiliation process. There are around 25 Issuer Agents in Sweden and you can choose whichever you want to engage.

The Issuer Agent controls that your company’s register of shareholders is in order, which is a requirement for us to be able to carry out the affiliation. 

The Issuer Agent also takes care of the practical work of registering your company's shares with us at the end of the affiliation process.

Submit the application

Application Euroclear Sweden

When you have engaged an Issuer Agent and the general meeting has approved the inclusion of the record date provision, it is time to submit your request for affiliation to us.

Your current register of shareholders is the most important part of the application. Because the contents of the register of shareholders must be transferred to our records, it is important that it reflects the shareholding of your company. Any changes must be possible to trace back to when the company was formed. 

The application is approved

csd-registered company Euroclear Sweden

When we have approved the application, we take over the management of your register of shareholders and move it into our system. When that happens, you become a CSD-registered company. We now take over the management of your register of shareholders and your company has also taken the first step towards an eventual listing on the stock exchange.

Life as a CSD-registered company

As a CSD-registered company, there are a couple of things you need to consider, including the fact that Euroclear Sweden produces a public register of shareholders every quarter for shareholders that hold more than 500 shares in the company.

Prior to your general meetings, you will also need to order a general meeting register of shareholders well in advance. You can contact us if you need help with the preparations for the general meeting. Our senior project managers will be happy to help with the practical, legal and technical issues surrounding your general meeting.

In our client portal, IssuerCorner, you get access to the features you need to order a general meeting register of shareholders, dividends, complete register of shareholders and addresses for mailings.

The first step is to get in touch with us

Are you interested in becoming a client? Then we recommend that you first of all contact one of our experts. They will answer any questions you may have about the process and they will also help you get started when you are ready to affiliate your company.

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