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"Taskize is highly secure and brings the right people together quickly to solve operational issues."

Why would you recommend Taskize to our clients?

As Gemma said, Taskize is the next logical step in a modern company’s development. Most of us are already using instant messaging tools in our day-to-day life, so it’s only natural that we apply these concepts in a professional environment as well.

Taskize is perfect for this as it’s highly secure and offers a lot of benefits by bringing the right people together quickly to solve operational issues.

How did your team react to the implementation of Taskize?

Everyone was very eager to start using it. As a client service team, it’s inevitable that we have a certain amount of backlog. Taskize will help us relieve this – and better serve our clients – as we can bring different counterparties together in one single conversation, or “bubble.” This results in a significant reduction in the query resolution time for all parties involved.

What are clients saying?

Why Taskize?