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"Taskize is the next logical step in the client service journey."

Why did you feel there was a need to innovate our client service?

Within Client Service, we are always more than happy to embrace new concepts and technology. Telephone and email have been around for a while, but we started to feel that they had reached their limits in our modern society. We wanted to explore other ways to connect and give value-added support to clients.

That’s why we chose Taskize. Taskize provides a more efficient way of working for back-office operations. It offers a smart directory to connect our clients with the right people and allows multiple conversations at the same time, in a live environment.

Why would you recommend Taskize to our clients ?

Taskize is the next logical step in the client service journey. The tool does not only offer real-time assistance, which improves resolution time, but it also lets you keep track of the entire resolution process. After the query gets resolved, you will be able to download the whole transcript of the chat, allowing you to document it as necessary.

I’m quite sure Taskize will not be limited to client service, but will also be used for other services given the benefits it can offer.

What are clients saying?

Why Taskize?