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"Taskize was co-created with Euroclear and our clients, so it is built to address the needs of the industry."

How would you describe your Taskize journey?

Implementation of Taskize was a good experience. The system is very intuitive, meaning it took only a limited amount of investment in training to start using it. As we were the pilot, we could observe the first bubbles popping-up with some anticipation!

My teams have been using Taskize for a year now and I consider it a mature communication channel, which has become embedded in our way of working. Today it is as natural as phone or email. It brought a major change to the communication process enabling us to reach the next level of proximity with our clients.

Where does Taskize bring added-value?

Taskize was co-created with Euroclear and several clients, so it is built to address the needs of the industry. Finding the right contact, issuing a query and following up on it until the case is resolved can be a painful process. With Taskize, because you have real-time access to experts, clients can send a query and receive a response quickly.

Multiple conversations can take place simultaneously as well. We can invite other parties to join the chat, should this be required, and everyone is on the same page from the start. On top of that you receive a script of the whole conversation that can be used for reporting purposes.

Taskize enables our Client Sevice teams to offer improved response time and better manage the peaks, while maintaining the same level of service.

What are clients saying?

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