About securities accounts

Information about securities accounts for private investors

Securities accounts are a specific type of account administered by your bank for safe-keeping of securities.

When you purchase a listed share as an individual, you normally do so via a bank or broker. After the purchase has been made, your bank or broker registers your new shareholding with us, in a specific type of account called a securities account.

Only banks and other financial institutions can administer the securities accounts with us. As an individual, you cannot personally open a securities account at Euroclear Sweden.

Do you want to open, close or change something in your securities account?

If you want to make changes in your securities account, you must contact your bank or broker. It is only your bank or broker that can open, close or in any other way make changes in your securities account.

What is the difference between having securities registered in your own name at Euroclear Sweden or placed in a custody account?

Owner-registered account
Some banks choose to utilise individual owner-registered accounts. In other words, an securities account is registered directly in your name in our system, but it is still your bank or broker that creates and administers the account.

Custody account
Some banks do not open separate securities accounts for each customer. Instead, they collect their customers’ holdings in a common securities account in our system, called a nominee account. The bank is registered as owner of the nominee account, “in the place of the owner”. In turn, your securities are placed in an individual custody account in your name with the nominee.

In most cases, the solution your bank chooses makes no difference to you as shareholder. Regardless of whether your securities are registered in a nominee account or an owner-registered account, you are nevertheless owner of your shares and can sell, buy or transfer them as you wish through your bank or broker.

What applies if I want to attend a general meeting of shareholders?

If you have your shares registered in an owner-registered account in your own name, you will automatically be included as an owner in the company's register of shareholders. This means that you are included as owner when it is time for the general meeting of shareholders. However, you still need to notify the company that you wish to attend the general meeting.

If your bank or broker has registered you shares in a nominee account, you need to contact your bank or broker before the general meeting of shareholders and ask them to temporarily register your shares in your name (so-called voting rights registration). Then you can notify the company that you wish to attend the general meeting.

Other types of accounts

Service account
The service account is a securities account that we offer banks and brokers with the addition of specific services. The most common forms of service accounts are investment savings accounts (ISK) and individual pension savings accounts (IPS).

Joint owner account
Several persons can jointly own the holding in an owner-registered account via what is known as a joint owner account.

Just like the other securities accounts, it is your bank or broker that opens, closes and administers the service account and the joint owner account on your behalf. If you have any questions regarding these types of accounts, please contact your bank or broker.


It does not cost anything to have a securities account with us. We charge an administrative fee for each additional account thereafter:

1 securities account: 0 SEK/year
2 securities accounts: 50 SEK/year
3 securities accounts: 75 SEK/year
Joint owner account: 75 SEK/year.

If you wish to close a securities account, you need to contact the bank or broker that opened the account in your name.