How to read your annual statement

In January we send out an annual statement for all securities accounts with holdings as of 31 December or where payments have been made during the year. You receive one annual statement for each securities account.

The annual statement gives the investor information about the securities account. The annual statement shows the holdings in each security at year-end, the year-end price (provided we have received this information), payments made during the year, the bank or broker that opened the securities account and the securities account number.

If you have any questions about the annual statement or the securities account, you should contact the bank or broker. You can find the phone number to the bank/broker on the annual statement.

How to read your annual statement step by step

In the fabricated example of an annual statement below, we have created a step-by-step guide on how to read your annual statement.

1. Account operator is the bank or securities broker to which the securities account is linked and which you should contact if you have any questions concerning the annual statement.

2. Personal identification number, name and securities account number. In those cases where you are not taxed in Sweden, and the bank/broker has registered a TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number), this is shown instead of a personal identification number.

3. Securities holdings in alphabetical order.

4. Information marked with an * has been reported to the Swedish Tax Agency in accordance with our obligations regarding the submission of income statements.

5. Euroclear Sweden has not received any year-end price.

6. Total redemption payments present the securities that have had redemption during the year. For example, debt related instruments and Exchange traded funds (ETF) redemption.

7. Calculation of standard income investment fund (ETF): 0,4 % * market value at the first business day 2018.

Annual Statement Euroclear Sweden

Which security types may appear on the annual statement

Security types Euroclear Sweden

How tax is withheld on dividend from non-Swedish shares/depository receipts

Swedish preliminary tax on income from capital is normally 30% and applies to private persons resident in Sweden and to Swedish estates.

Where non-Swedish securities are concerned, a deduction of preliminary tax on dividend payment is made to a sum that, together with the tax withheld in the foreign country, amounts to 30% of the dividend. Euroclear Sweden therefore withholds preliminary tax depending on the amount of foreign tax so that the total tax deduction is 30%.

Example - Monsanto

For securities account holders resident in Sweden who have shares in for example Monsanto, 15% tax at source in USA is withheld and 15% preliminary tax in Sweden.

Supposing a securities account holder has 200 shares in Monsanto and the dividend per share is SEK 1.89336.

This is how the tax is withheld:

  • 15% tax is drawn in USA on the gross amount:
    SEK 378.67 - SEK 56.80  = SEK 321.87 gross in USA - 15% American tax = gross in Sweden
  • 15% preliminary tax is then drawn in Sweden calculated on the gross in USA:
    SEK 321.87 - SEK 56.00 = SEK 265.87 gross in Sweden - 15% Swedish tax calculated on the gross in USA, i.e. SEK 378.67. (Swedish preliminary tax is rounded down) = net dividend after tax

Do you have more questions about your annual statement?

At the annual statement you will find contact details to the bank or broker that you should contact in case you have any questions about the securities account or annual statements.