Information about securities accounts

Do you have questions about your VP account?

Options for keeping securities in a VP account

It is always your bank or broker who is responsible for all administration related matters regarding your securities account, as well as for answering questions about your holdings.

There are different options for you as an investor to keep your securities. You can either have them registered in your own name, or on an account with a nominee (a bank or broker). Please discuss with your bank contact to find the most suitable option for you.

Securities registered in your own name

If you have an owner-registered securities account, all holdings are registered in your own name. This means your name automatically will be part of the public share register and the general meeting register of shareholders, and no further registration is needed. This account is suitable for a private individual or a legal entity. The account can also be opened for individuals that do not have Sweden as their tax domicile.

Securities registered with a nominee

If you have your securities registered with a nominee, your bank/broker is usually registered with Euroclear Sweden as administrator of your securities, so called "on behalf of the owner." Therefore, if you want to participate in a general meeting, you need to notify your bank/broker to register the shares in your own name.

Other types of accounts

Service securities account

This account offers you the possibility to connect additional services on top of the ordinary functions for an owner-registered securities account. For example, a service securities account be used as an Investment Savings Account (ISK) or as an Individual Pension Savings Account (IPS). Contact your bank or broker for more information about what add-on services they provide.

Joint owner account

Several people can own a securities account together on a joint owner account. A record of all the co-owners should be submitted for filing to the investors account operator. It is only the representative of the account that can be registered in the VPC system and he or she should pay tax in Sweden. It is always your bank or broker who is responsible for opening your securities account as well as making all related account administration.


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