Automated management of ETPs

Affiliate, issue and de-register with Plug & Clear

With Euroclear Sweden Plug & Clear, we offer a fully automated solution for a more efficient affiliation, issuing and de-registration of Exchange Traded Products (ETPs), such as warrants and standardised unit certificates.

Our automated solution Plug & Clear is based on so called straight-through processing (STP) for affiliation, issuing and de-registration of warrants and standardised unit certificates. With this service, you get a more efficient process throughout the product life cycle with reduced operational risks and costs.

Lower risks, lower costs

The service Euroclear Sweden Plug & Clear offers the possibility for you to have control over the entire flow and get access to an automated, real-time status reporting. It also enables you to automate your internal processes and thereby reduce your manual handling and operational risks. You will also benefit from reduced affiliation and activity costs.

No need for a new set-up

As a client, you can use the same means of communication as you use today (FTP through our external network, FTPS via internet or SWIFTNet FileAct).

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