Payment modernisation

Euroclear Sweden is driving an extensive project with the aim of replacing the current solution, for processing corporate action related payments on behalf of Issuers. 

The project that Euroclear Sweden is driving intends to create the future solution for processing corporate action related payments on behalf of Issuers. The specific payments in scope for the processual changes relates to securities processed in AM; the submarket within the VPC system also named equity market. This will have effects on all parties directly/indirectly involved in this processing.

The background for this initiative is that the customised service currently in place for the Swedish post-trade securities market in co-operation with the Swedish Bankgirocentralen (BGC) will be decommissioned. 

The ambition is to modernise the processing and where possible to align and adapt to existing standards. The development has started and Euroclear Sweden have good interactions with the participants along the way. The new solution is planned to be in place from October 2022. 

For more information about the project and the solution, including the presentations from our market meetings, please log in to MyEuroclear.

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