Register structured products

Simplify your administration

Efficient administration of structured products

One way for banks and investment companies to seek funding is to issue structured products.

For issuers of structured products, a quick and efficient affiliation process as well as a short time to market is highly valued. 

By affiliating your structured products to our securities system, you will get a streamlined process for affiliating and issuing your securities, preparing you for a possible listing. 

Which securities can be affiliated?

• Nominal financial instruments, such as equity linked notes, credit linked notes or other types of bonds with underlying assets
• Warrants
• Standardised certificates
• Investment certificates 

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Get an automated management of your Exchange Traded Products (ETPs)

Many financial institutions are daily managing affiliation and issuance of large volumes of warrants and standardised unit traded certificates manually. Since these products are highly standardised and quite similar, an automated management can make the process faster and more efficient, as well as shortening time to market. 

Our fully automated solution Plug & Clear used for affiliation, issuance and de-registration of warrants and standardised unit traded certificates is based on so called straight-through processing (STP). With this service you will get a more efficient process with reduced risks and costs. 

Plug & Clear allows you to benefit from real-time status reporting and lower fees. It also enables you to automate your internal processes and reduce your manual handling. The information is verified in our system and automatic reports are thereafter sent out.

As a client, you can use the same means of communication as you use today (FTP through our external network, FTPS via internet or SWIFTNet FileAct).

How to register structured products

Submit your application

If you have not already affiliated your company’s securities to our system, the first step is to submit an application. Please send the application to

Your application should contain the following information:

• Articles of association
• Certificate of registration
• Annual report

For companies with residence outside of Sweden, we also require a legal opinion.

What happens when we receive the application?

Once we have received your application, we will review the terms of the security, or the base prospectus for issuance under a programme, from an operational and legal perspective.

When all the requirements are met, we will sign an agreement with the issuer of the security.

ISIN assignment

Euroclear Sweden is the number assignor for Swedish securities (National Number Agency). 

An ISIN code is constructed according to the international ISO standard and consists of a country code, serial number and check digit, such as SE0000123456. We assign ISIN numbers for Swedish securities after we have received a complete affiliation application. Please contact us for more information about ISIN numbers.