Do you want to get access to the Swedish securities market?

A first step is an affiliation to our system

Your entry point to the Swedish securities market

Are you aiming for a listing on a marketplace? The process of listing a company requires resources, expertise and comprehensive planning.

A first step is affiliating your securities to our digital securities system. Our experts will support you along the journey, providing guidance and expertise.

With the securities affiliated to our system, your operational risk is reduced and you will be able to benefit from our full-service solution including planning, registration of your securities in our system as well as managing your corporate actions.

By affiliating your company’s securities to our system, you can benefit from:

• Access to a large number of Swedish and international investors and possibilities to tap into new funding sources

• Easier administration of the company’s securities with our secure and efficient management of the digital register of shareholders/bondholders

• Simplified management of corporate actions and payments

• Secure and efficient distribution of securities 

• Up-to-date owner information and shareholder reporting

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ISIN assignment

Euroclear Sweden is the number assignor for Swedish securities (National Number Agency). 

An ISIN code is constructed according to the international ISO standard and consists of a country code, serial number and check digit, such as SE0000123456. We assign ISIN numbers for Swedish securities after we have received a complete affiliation application. Please contact us for more information about ISIN numbers.