We are digitalising the Swedish fund market

while reducing your manual processes and operational risk

FundsPlace - a digital full-service solution

In the Swedish fund market, fund orders, reconciliations and confirmations of orders are still done manually by phone or fax to a great extent. This manual processing of fund orders involves operational risks and heavy administration.

We offer a digital full-service solution for fund distributors and fund companies in the Swedish fund market. Our service FundsPlace allows for an automated fund order management and enables real-time audit trail, creating a faster and more efficient funds management.


Benefits with FundsPlace:

• You can keep your existing back-office system, accounts and account structure. 

• You save time with less manual processes. 

• You get a scalable fund management, adapted to your business.

• You will be able to control operational risks – follow-up in real time makes it possible to have full control throughout the life cycle of the fund order.

• The direct relationship between the fund company and the distributor is maintained and there is no need for intermediaries and faxes. 


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ISIN assignment for new funds

If you are starting up a new fund, you need to submit an application for ISIN assignment. We are the number assignor for Swedish securities (National Number Agency). 

An ISIN code is constructed according to the international ISO standard and consists of a country code, serial number and check digit, such as SE0000123456. Please find the application form below.