LEI codes

Information about LEI codes

We collect LEI codes

According to the new EU regulation for CSDs, CSDR, Euroclear Sweden is as CSD required to collect and register our clients’ LEI codes.

LEI stands for Legal Entity Identifier and is a global code to track and identify companies or other legal entities who issue or trade securities. The LEI code is a unique code which makes it possible for authorities to identify every individual organisation in all securities transaction reporting.

As a client to us, you need to submit your LEI code in order to be able to issue and register securities with us. Because of this, we would appreciate if you send us your LEI code as soon as possible.

Submit your company's LEI code


How to apply for a LEI code

1.      Choose an authorised LEI issuer. You can find a list at LEI ROC

2.      Apply for an LEI by registering your details at the LEI issuer’s website.  There is a fee for applying for an LEI.

3.      Make the payment.

4.      When the application is approved and you have paid the fee, you will receive your LEI code.

You can find a list of authorised LEI issuers at Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) website. As a legal entity, you are not limited to using LEI issuers within your own country. Therefore you can use the registration services of any LEI issuer that is accredited and qualified to validate LEI registrations within your authorized jurisdiction(s). 

When you have received your LEI code, please send it in to Euroclear Sweden. You can use the form to send us the code. 

FAQ about LEI

How much does it cost to obtain an LEI?

The LEI issuer charges a fee for issuing LEIs and depending on issuer the cost varies. There is usually a cost for the application and then a yearly fee to renew the LEI code. The fee charged in SEK is typically in the range of SEK 750-1,500 as an initial fee and then a yearly fee to renew the LEI of SEK 500-1,000. Please refer to the different LEI issuers for exact pricing.

Why do I need an LEI?

If you are a client with us, you need to have an LEI in order to be able register and issue securities. This is due to the fact that Euroclear Sweden, as CSD, must collect LEI codes for companies and other legal entities which issue securities with us according to the EU regulation for CSDs, CSDR.

If your company is engaged in trading securities, you also need to apply for an LEI according to requirements in other regulations such as MiFID II/MiFIR to which banks and other financial institutions need to comply in their reporting to relevant authorities.

What is the purpose of LEI?

According to requirements in the new EU regulation CSDR, CSDs within the EU must collect their clients’ LEI codes since European financial supervisory authorities wish to register companies issuing securities in order to identify every individual organisation in all securities transaction reporting. 

For Euroclear Sweden, this means that we report our clients LEI codes to the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

As of 3 January 2018, companies buying and selling securities must also have an LEI, due to requirements in the EU regulation MiFID II/MiFIR which regulates transaction reporting of securities trading. Please contact your bank to find out more about LEIs and securities trading. 

If you have additional questions about LEI codes, you can either visit Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation’s website or email us at: csdr.sweden@euroclear.eu.