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The relationship with your investors is an important, multi-faceted work. We offer two services that make life easier for you who are working in investor relations.

We support you with your General Meetings

As the person responsible, you need to arrange professional General Meetings, which can be a challenge. Before an Annual General Meeting (AGM) in particular, there is a great deal to be arranged in a short space of time and it can easily become one ball too many to juggle.

We can help you with the arrangements around your AGM for a stress-free General Meeting process that is run professionally and smoothly. Our senior project managers have experience from hundreds of General Meetings and can help you with everything from receiving and registering notices to being onsite and taking care of the voting on the day of the meeting.

Monitor the ownership with med Analys

Closely monitoring the progress of the ownership of your company is one important aspect of day-to-day Investor Relations work. We offer companies that are already CSD-registered companies the web service Analys which makes it easy for you to create reports with detailed information on your owners.

Analys enables you to:

  • Get a complete picture of the ownership structure of your company
  • Create complete reports containing both nominee-registered shareholders and directly-registered shareholders
  • Be updated half-yearly, quarterly, monthly or daily
  • See who the company’s largest owners are, sorted according to holding or number of votes
  • Quickly be informed of changes in ownership

You can also choose to receive information on foreign ownership in your company, i.e. foreign institutional shareholders that hide behind a nominee.

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Snapshot is one of our most popular reports. Snapshot enables you to get a rapid overview of the most relevant activities among the company's shareholders.

The information in Snapshot is based on the Analys service and shows a comparison of ownership data for the past month, the preceding month and from the beginning of the year. Snapshot is delivered monthly in PDF format via email.  

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