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The relationship with your investors is an important, multi-faceted work. We offer two services that make life easier for you who are working in investor relations.

Richer insights, straight from the source, with Vantage by Euroclear

Vantage by Euroclear is the new investor relations service that provides listed companies with in-depth insights into their shareholder base. It gives you richer insights as well as a better overview of who owns what, how much, and all changes in the owner structure including foreign holdings.

Everything in a neatly packaged service with original data straight from the golden source.

We support you with your General Meetings

Before an Annual General Meeting (AGM), there is a great deal to be arranged in a short space of time.

We can help you with the arrangements around your AGM for a stress-free General Meeting process that is run professionally and smoothly. Our senior project managers have experience from hundreds of General Meetings and can help you with everything from receiving and registering notices to being onsite and taking care of the voting on the day of the meeting.

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