Be prepared for an IPO

Take the first step towards a listing on the exchange

Does your company have plans to be listed on the stock exchange or other marketplace?

In that case, one of the first steps is to become a so-called CSD-registered company. It means that your company introduces a record date provision in its articles of association and registers the company's shares with us.

Advantages of being a CSD-registered company

Besides the fact that your business will be ready to be listed at a stock exchange, there are a number of other advantages with being affiliated to Euroclear Sweden.

In practice, you leave the administration and management of the register of shareholders to us. In addition, the management of dividends and other corporate events is easier and we ensure that the withheld preliminary tax on dividends is reported to the Swedish Tax Agency.

The supplement service “Vantage by Euroclear” allows you to analyse and monitor the progress of the ownership of your company. Many listed companies also choose to get our help before and during general meetings, and we offer customised services depending on the company's needs.