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The next step for a growing limited company

As a client to Euroclear Sweden, you become a part of the hub in the Swedish financial market. You reduce your administration and make it easier to raise capital for your company that also becomes prepared for a listing on the stock exchange in the future.

When you become a client, we digitalise your register of shareholders and move it over to our system. That gives you several advantages and it is also a prerequisite if you want your company to be listed on the stock exchange in the future.

Increased security Euroclear Sweden

Increased security for your investors

By registering your company's shares with Euroclear Sweden, you get secure, independent management of your register of shareholders, which is often appreciated by investors who are considering buying shares in your company.

digital register of shareholders

Less administration with a digital register of shareholders

When you become a client, we take over the responsibility for keeping your register of shareholders up to date. That means that you avoid spending time on administration and allows you to focus on your core business.

You also get access to a convenient web interface where you can easily manage dividends and order register of shareholders.

prepared for IPO Euroclear Sweden

Become prepared for an IPO

One prerequisite in order for a company to be listed on a regulated marketplace, such as the stock exchange in Sweden, is that the company must have registered its shares with Euroclear Sweden.

If you want you are planning an IPO and listing your company on the stock exchange, you must therefore register your shares with us.

Investor relations

As a limited company that has registered its share with us, we also offer services within investor relations, such as the service Vantage by Euroclear where you can analyse the ownership in your company, or our scalable AGM services where we help you arrange General Meetings according to your needs.

How do I become a client?

Becoming a client to Euroclear Sweden means that your company becomes a CSD-registered company. When you have decided to become a client, you get a contact person at Euroclear who will guide you through the process step by step.

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