About Euroclear Sweden

We are the Swedish Central Securities Depository

Euroclear Sweden is the hub of the Swedish financial market

From VPC to Euroclear Sweden we have been the Swedish Central Securities Depository since 1971, and since 2008 we are a part of the international Euroclear group. As a regulated Financial Market Infrastructure, we are subject to the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and the Swedish Central Bank. 

We play a fundamental economic and social role in the market, providing a digital platform for securities management, underpinned by high levels of automation and reliability for a safer, more efficient and transparent marketplace. 

We offer a number of services that simplify the administration of securities for nearly 1,600 issuers. We support almost 50 banks and brokers that are members in our securities system, and provide a digital platform for automated funds management. Additionally, we help around 100 companies/year with their Annual General Meeting.

One of the Swedish market´s key characteristics is transparency in holdings. We currently have around 3,200,000 investor accounts registered in our digital securities system. We also have our affiliated companies´ public shareholder registers available on request.


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