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The VPC system hits a major milestone in serving the Swedish market

For 25 years, the VPC system has provided issuers and investors on the Swedish market with low-risk and high quality securities services.

Through the VPC system, which is operated by Euroclear Sweden, issuers are able to quickly and efficiently bring securities to market. And, as an established infrastructure, investors have come to trust in the quality of information provided by the VPC system as accurate and timely.

The VPC system was set up in 1989

The VPC system was set up in 1989 to provide a safe and efficient way forward for the Swedish securities market. It played a central role in leading the Swedish market to full dematerialisation in the early 1990s and was expanded to clearing and settlement services in 2003 as part of the New Clear project.

The system has also seen exponential growth. In 1989, there were 504 companies using the VPC system for 488 securities. We now have 1,306 companies using the system for 22,731 securities.

What is the VPC system?

The VPC system keeps the register of shareholders for securities in the Swedish market. The system registers transfers, maintains registers of security-holdings, and issues shares, bonds and other securities. It also processes different types of corporate action events such as dividends and interest payments to shareholders, and sends notifications to clients and shareholders.

How we got there – 1989-2014

2014 – Today the VPC system handles 22,731 securities for 1,306 companies, mainly Swedish but also some international

2008 – The VPC system becomes part of Euroclear Sweden

2004 – VPC merges with APK (Finnish CSD) to create NCSD

2003 – Clearing and settlement services extended to VPC system as part of New Clear project

2001 – Pre-matching service starts in the VPC system

1996 – First foreign share in the VPC system

1993 – Money market dematerialised

1990 – Equity market dematerialised

1989 – The VPC system begins operations

1971 – VPC AB is established

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