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Supporting your general meeting and corporate action planning

Equity Services Team

On the picture, from left to right: Johan Arbman, Hans Linder, Joachim Ingerby, Åsa Lewenhagen, Per Helgesson, Jenny Lundgren, Krister Modin. Missing: Edin Botonjic


When it comes to serving the clients, no question is too small. Jenny Lundgren, Head of Equity Services team at Euroclear Sweden, tells more about the team’s everyday work and what they can help with.


The Equity Services team helps clients with matters regarding shares and general meetings, amongst many other things. Issuer agents can get help with planning issues.

“We speak with many of the issuer agents on a regular basis,” Lundgren says, “helping them to implement issues in the best possible way when it comes to technical matters and schedules.”

Most of the team members also have practical experience from supporting clients on the actual day of the general meeting.

“Another big part of our job is to answer questions from our clients,” Lundgren says. “Most of them are related to the annual general meetings in some way – like how to complete the general meeting register of shareholders or how to order a dividend – so we guide them through it.”

Three of the team members are specialised on a service called Analys, where the clients can get customised statistics reports. These are sent via email and are also available online.

“You can choose to get the reports daily, monthly, quarterly or annually, depending on your needs”, Lundgren says. “It’s a convenient way to get an overview of ownership and trends, instead of spending valuable time going through all the statistics.”

Helping the clients is the most fun part of the job, Lundgren says.

“What I like best about this job is the contacts we have with our clients, and my fellow team members, of course!”


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