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Streamline your bondholder meeting

Some time ago we launched a new service for issuers of bonds called boss Bondholders Meeting (bossBM). The service, a web-based application, is similar to a general meeting of shareholders, where holders of bonds now can vote online prior to the meeting instead of attending the meeting in person or voting by mail.

The safe and efficient online management of the bondholder meeting simplifies much of the manual administration that you as issuer are facing today. The web-based application allows easy access to all beneficial owners for approval of changes in terms and conditions.

Reduce your administrative workload
With bossBM we take care of the overall process such as sending out invitations, customising your webpage, monitoring the voting process and compilation of the final voting results. With our service you get access to an easy-to-use web application, streamlining the administrative burden involved in organising a bondholder meeting.

  • You get updated voting results continuously via a custom report page that is available online. Here you can for example check if sufficient majority of votes has been obtained.
  • It saves time, allowing you to concentrate on your company’s core business.
  • It also helps you avoid any conflicts of interest that might arise when beneficial owners have not been consulted.

We welcome Deutsche Bank as our first client
“In November 2012 we got our first bossBM client, Deutsche Bank in its capacity as advisor in the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy. For their bondholder meeting we developed a customised solution with for instance tailor-made voting reports, information about the beneficial owners - all based on our client’s requirements” Fredrik Norlander, Manager Issuer services comments.

Warmly welcome to contact us for a discussion on how we can make your bondholder meeting more efficient.


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For more information, please contact:
Fredrik Norlander
Manager Issuer services
Phone: +46 8 402 9254

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