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Market info: T+3 becomes T+2 in October

From October 2014 the Swedish and Nordic markets will shorten the standard settlement cycle from T+3 to T+2. This means that trades will settle 2 days following execution rather than three.

CSD-Regulation is the initiative by the European Commission requires transactions executed on trading venues to have intended settlement day no later than on the second business day after the trading takes place (T+2). Nordic markets have decided to implement the new settlement cycle T+2 on October 6th 2014.

Trades executed on Friday 3rd October will have a settlement cycle of 3 days and trades executed on Monday 6th October will have a settlement cycle of 2 days. Thus trades executed on Friday and Monday as per standard settlement cycle will have the same settlement date 8th October.

Implementation of T+2 to the Swedish market is coordinated by the Swedish Securities Dealers Association in close corporation with Euroclear Sweden and other suppliers of financial market infrastructure. More information relating to T+2 and the Swedish market can be found here.

More information about T+2

Read more on our T+2 page on the operational site. You do not need a password, just click the button "go straight through" from this link:

More information about T+2

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