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Euroclear Sweden Plug & Clear goes live

To support the strong growth in warrants and standardised unit traded certificates (flow products), we are now launching a Straight-Through-Processing (STP) solution for affiliation, issuance and de-registering of flow products.

The enhanced service is designed to increase efficiency and to reduce risks and costs.

- Our new service “Euroclear Sweden Plug & Clear” will enable issuers and Issuer Agents to automate the processing for flow products, says Sofia Hovelius, Product Manager at Euroclear Sweden. This service is similar to the Euroclear group service Plug & Clear and the technical interface will standardise and simplify communication between us, issuers and Issuer Agents.

The enhanced service offering includes:

• Improved cut-off times (the file can be received before 16:30 CET, instead of 12:00 CET for issuance and de-registration the same banking day).

• STP solution for affiliation, issuance and de-registration (with or without payment).

• STP solution to receive status reports.

Euroclear Sweden Plug & Clear enables you to reduce your manual processing as the whole process can be automated. Data is verified in our system and instant status reports are sent automatically. Furthermore, the full STP eliminates the need for manual intervention and hence minimising your operational risks. As a Euroclear client, you can simply use your existing communication infrastructure (FTP via our External network, FTPS via Internet or SWIFTNet FileAct).


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