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Fund management made easy

In operation since January 2012, FundSettle Sweden is Euroclear Sweden's automated fund service. And with a new connection to the Euroclear group system – FundSettle International – available from mid-March, the increasing number of customers using the service will be able to choose from more than 12 000 new mutual funds.



More and more customers are discovering the benefits of Euroclear’s FundSettle service. The main advantage is its automation; a large part of the fund orders in Sweden are still done manually, with faxes sent between fund companies and banks.

Mattias Grahn, Product Manager at Euroclear Sweden, works with FundSettle Sweden.

“We want to help the market get away from manual fund processing,” he says. “Although we in Sweden are skilled and quick to handle the administration of funds compared with other countries, FundSettle considerably reduces both the administration and the risks of fund management.”

With FundSettle Sweden, orders can be followed in real time and their latest status is always visible. Affiliated companies have noticed that when using automated fund services, error statistics go down drastically, Grahn says.

New connection provides thousands of new choices

As of mid-March 2014, a link will be set up between Euroclear Sweden's fund services and Euroclear group's counterpart, FundSettle International.

“You could say that we are opening up a bridge between the two systems,” Mattias Grahn says. “Overnight, our customers will be able to choose from more than 12 000 new funds and we can take advantage of Euroclear group's size and recycle all the technical solutions.”

Nordnet – a client at the forefront

Swedish bank Nordnet was one of the first to use the FundSettle Sweden service.

“We want to be ahead of our competitors and at the forefront of modern solutions and innovations,” says Tomas Blomster, Head of Fund Operations at Nordnet. “FundSettle is in line with the high standards we’ve set, and we’re very happy with the service so far. Our clients trading in funds that go through Euroclear will eventually experience a faster process, from order entry to settlement.”

Provides an infrastructure

Euroclear Sweden’s mission with FundSettle is to provide an infrastructure for fund management.

“We see ourselves as a system supplier, a neutral player in the background who makes it easy to manage fund transactions,” Mattias Grahn says. “It comes naturally, considering Euroclear Sweden's other assignments.”


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