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3 quick Q&A’s on simplified management of shares

Why affiliate your company's shares with Euroclear?

Anna Kaijser

Anna Kaijser, Equity Services explains step by step how we can help you with your company´s shareholder register.

With the shares affiliated to an electronic securities system, your company's physical share certificates are replaced with electronic book-entries to your shareholders' accounts. We'll take care of the shareholder register and any potential changes of ownership. Furthermore, we'll administer any dividend payments and corporate actions that impact your holdings, allowing you to focus on your real business objectives. Everything is managed safely and smoothly in the same system as where all exchange-listed shares in Sweden are registered.

How do I affiliate the shares?

To affiliate the company's register of shareholders to the securities system and list the shares on owner accounts is a straightforward process, with easy-to-understand documentation on hand to guide you. Nevertheless, as there are several parties involved in the process and different phases the complete process usually takes around a month. For example, the company needs to introduce a record day provision in its articles of association to be adopted by the General Meeting and registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office, as well as collect eventual physical share certificates.

Are there other advantages of affiliating the register?

Many companies appreciate assistance with creating a statement of earnings and deductions, and a view of withholding tax on dividends. All of which happens automatically after the affiliation. Having the shares registered on accounts may also be attractive to potential new investors with the security it brings; this electronic safety is a real plus ahead of a public offering or future listing on an exchange. The registration on accounts also avoids the risks associated with physical certificates going missing, getting stolen, burned in fires etc., so the advantages are several.


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