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2014 - a large inflow of Swedish and foreign clients

Nearly 140 new clients and continued increase in volumes of structured products and bonds. This year, the Swedish financial market has been characterised by a positive stock market performance with a large number of listings.

This positive trend is also reflected at Euroclear Sweden, with a large number of new clients and further increase in volumes of financial instruments.

Over 100 newly affiliated companies

Anneli Lindahl

Annelie Lindahl, Head of Operations at Euroclear Sweden comments on the substantial increase of affiliated companies:

"This year we have the pleasure of welcoming over 100 new companies, where we will manage their register of shareholders. The substantial increase in both Swedish and foreign clients means that at year end we will have almost 1,400 issuers affiliated to our book-entry system."

Increased volumes

The number of structured products issued is in line with the previous year. The total outstanding volume issued as of 30 November, corresponded to 166 billion SEK (nominal value). This is an increase compared to the same period 2013.

"We have observed a growing market interest to issue bonds and structured products and have also seen an increased inflow of foreign clients who issue these types of securities. In the autumn we have also seen an upward trend for the issuance of warrants," Annelie concludes.


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