ten colleagues from across the Euroclear group

We've been working with the NGO Junior Achievement Europe for five years - helping young people gain the skills that they will need in today's fast paced working environment. One of the main activities is the coaching and mentoring of young people who are creating their own 'mini companies' - putting together from scratch companies that source, produce and sell products/services. Each country holds finals to select which team will go through to the International competition.

This year, Euroclear is sponsoring the national 'mini-company' prize for Diversity & inclusion in Belgium (French and Dutch speaking) and Poland.

The finals for the best 'Mini enterprise' of Flanders took place in Brussels in April, with five winners from each Province taking part. Our jury selected 'Taste of culture' as the winner of the Euroclear award. This initiative aims to bring people together via a shared love of food and cooking.. The team created a cookbook with recipes from different cultures, providing information about that culture and the people behind the food. They are also looking at holding cookery workshops to bring people together and to help different cultures better understand each other. With our 80 different nationalities, this is something we also value in Euroclear. So a well deserved winner!

The global winner, which we as jury selected, was a mini enterprise called Pleduco - again a group of very creative students that have created an original product which helps people to learn a language in a fun way. Congratulations to them all. We're looking forward to judging the remaining competitions in May and June.

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