team of Euroclear colleagues

On Saturday 16 June, a new team of Euroclear colleagues will be heading out to rural Uganda to work with the children, teachers and local communities that Euroclear has been supporting for the past four and a half years. 

The bags are packed, the schedule has been finalised, the flight times double checked... and the ten Euroclear colleagues from across the group who are going to be spending an intensive week out in this isolated area are already getting excited.

As usual, we'll be working with our charity partners, Build Africa, taking part in lots of activities at the eight schools and communities that we are supporting as part of Euroclear's Corporate Responsibility programme. It's an intensive week - we'll be running classroom activities, working with the teachers and parents, participating in the local savings & loans groups - and making handwashing facilities out of whatever is available! 

We'll also be distributing the tons of sports equipment, stationery and books donated by colleagues, friends and families.

It's always inspiring to go back to these communities to see just how much progress has been made since we were last there. One of the reasons that we work with Build Africa is because their model of support is fully sustainable. We know that once we return to our homes, these communities will continue to thrive.


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