ten colleagues from across the Euroclear group

So, we’re back from the 8th field trip to rural Uganda as part of the programme that Euroclear is supporting together with Build Africa.
Ten colleagues from across the Euroclear group spent a week working with the schools and communities in Bukedea, a remote area in the North East of Uganda.

Whenever colleagues return from the trip, they always comment that they are impressed by the extent of the impact which our support has. Indeed, simply pouring in money or only focusing on education is a short-term solution which does not have long-term impact.

Real impact is made when the support is sustainable. So, as well as improving infrastructure in the schools, we also fund the setting up of the Savings & Loans schemes as well as small businesses such as citrus farms. This ensures that the local economy grows, more parents are able to send their children to school and that there is work in the area for the children to do when they leave school.

Each field trip has a slightly different focus and this time we tried to spend some time with each of the schools, running classroom activities and sports days, as well as helping with hygiene training. At the same time, we made sure that we visited a local market and took part in the weekly Savings & Loans session so that we can get a better idea of how the local communities live and what challenges they face.

Despite the obvious hardships, we are always impressed by the good humour, unfailing courtesy and real entrepreneurial spirit of the communities. Diversity and inclusion is very important to them, with both boys and girls being taught the importance of education for girls and the equality of men and women. Not only that, but at one of the Anglican schools, the Headmaster stressed that all faiths are welcome and that no child will be denied an education on the grounds of religious beliefs.

In terms of tolerance and acceptance of others, we in the West could certainly pick up a few tips.

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