We're proud to announce that Witold Gromala from our Krakow office is amongst the ten finalists of the Ethics and Trust in Finance prize, for which Euroclear is a structural partner.

Witold's topical essay: The Blockchain Revolution, caught the judges attention with its bold link between the French revolution and the, rather less bloody, financial revolution which is currently taking place.

Several Euroclear colleagues entered the competition, which asks people who are younger than 35 to put forward essays on the topic of ethics in finance. The prize itself was created by the banker Robin Cosgrove's family, after their son died tragically young. Robin was very concerned with the percieved lack of ethics in the finanical world and keen that the younger gerneration would not make the same mistakes that led to the financial crisis of 2008.

Euroclear is a keen supporter of robust ethical behaviour, recoginsing that a strong economy must have sound ethics at its base. Therefore we are very pleased that Witold has made the top 10 and extend our warmest congratulations to him for this achievement. 

"We are a trusted capital markets infrastructure provider with a strong corporate reputation in the global financial markets, and we are honoured to be assiociated with the Ethics & Trust in Finance Prize - a key catalyst for our business leaders of the future to debate the buring ethical issues of today"

Martin Gregson, Head of Compliance & Ethics Awareness, Communications and CR at Euroclear 

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