Local Communities

The Community Reach committees

Our goal is to support communities both globally and locally. The Community Reach committees support local community projects, giving special preference to projects put forward by staff.

Team Rynkeby: Cycling 1,200 KM for a good cause

Team Rynkeby

Take a look at the amazing journey that two of our Finnish colleagues took as they cycled from Helsinki to Paris to raise money to fight childhood cancer.

City Giving Day

Every year, Euroclear takes part in City Giving Day, not only in London, but across all our main locations to celebrate the great work that our colleagues do throughout the year.

Local communities

The 1 euro project

In Belgium, colleagues can donate 1 euro from their monthly salaries, which goes to the charity Street Nurses, helping the homeless in Brussels to get back into society.
We are looking to expand this concept to other locations

Local communities

Focus on Finland

Team Rynkeby is a Nordic charity cycling team. Every summer the team cycles to Paris to raise money for the fight against childhood cancer. In 2017 Team Rynkeby has more than 1,700 cyclists and 450 volunteers divided into 44 teams in Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Faroe Islands and Iceland. Euroclear Finland is one of the Team Rynkeby Finland’s platinum sponsors in 2017.

Fast facts  


  • Two employees from Euroclear Finland are part of Team Rynkeby Finland’s team in 2017 
  • Euroclear Finland challenges all the listed companies in Finland to join this great initiative  
  • In 2016 Team Rynkeby raised a record-breaking €8.84 million – 37 percent more than in the previous year 
  • Team Rynkeby Finland made a new record on their donation as well with €331,795 
  • All the money raised goes directly to children with cancer via local charity organisations 


Nordic charity cycling team