Junior Achievement Testimony

Interview with Marina Gordelean

Senior Funds Client Service, Poland

After recently volunteering in JA Poland’s Open Company workshop, Marina provided us with some feedback on her unique experience in the classroom. 

It is refreshing to come back to school and interact with younger people, compare yourself to them at their age, see them as an example as to how the society evolves. On the other hand, volunteers are on the opposite side, as a coach or mentor, which gives you a different perspective on education and knowledge and the importance of it. Is it important to make sure that there will be a replacement for the current generation of employees and continuity of business. 

The frank approach by showing the youngsters what the day-to-day reality looks like enables them take sensible, well thought out decisions that will be beneficiary to the company and their personal goals.

Although at the moment the outsourcing market is in Poland is booming and offering a growing number of jobs and development opportunities, the future is not predetermined. Young people should be well prepared for a changing environment and shifting demands as well as being able to generate their own ideas and implement them.

Visiting new generations and seeing how the education system is changing in line with the new trends on the labour market was what I enjoyed most from this volunteering experience.

Senior Funds Client Service, Poland