Kalengo Testimony

Interview with Okipi Micheal

Head Teacher of Kalengo Primary School

The Headmaster at Kalengo talks about the Euroclear mentorship programme

One of the many ways Euroclear supports Kalengo Primary School is through human resource development, in order to improve the learning environment for students.

Mr Okipi Micheal is the Head Teacher of Kalengo Primary School. In addition to teacher training, Michael has participated in a mentorship programme delivered by the Head Teacher of a model school in the nearby town of Mbale. Michael has noticed that the collaboration with his mentor has positively impacted the learning environment at Kalengo.

Interview with Okipi Micheal

“Mentorship and coaching has not only helped me as the head teacher, but it has also helped the rest of the teachers at Kalengo, Personally I acquired the confidence to manage teachers. I work with the Deputy Head Teacher to monitor how teachers are planning and making progress in their classrooms.” Micheal says.

Impact of Mentorship

Michael has noticed changes in the school as a result of the programme. He explains, “Mentorship has led to more effective learning. Teachers learned how to make the teaching and learning process friendly.”

Through the mentorship and teacher training, teachers have discovered ways to make their classes exciting and interesting in order to create a more positive learning environment. Children are more motivated to attend classes every day because they feel more engaged in the lessons. In addition to the increase in attendance, the performance of students is also improving. The results of the Primary Leaving Examination have been improving steadily and this is partly due to the strengthened leadership and teacher training at Kalengo.