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Valérie Urbain, CEO of Euroclear Bank and Chair of Euroclear Corporate Responsibility Steering Committee, shares with us Euroclear's current approach to ESG - from employee well-being, environment to market and community inclusion.

Valérie further elaborates on our take on the most pressing sustainability issues as well as projects close to her heart.

Topics discussed in this video interview include:


What is Euroclear’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) approach?


When it comes to the most pressing sustainability issues, what actions is Euroclear taking?


What are some of the projects that are particularly close to your heart?

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by Valérie Urbain

Valérie Urbain is Chief Executive Officer of Euroclear Bank, with responsibility for Euroclear Bank’s Operations, Commercial, Client Service, Banking and Network Management divisions worldwide. She is also member of the Euroclear SA Management Committee.

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