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Shareholder News

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From the Chairman

Dear Shareholders,

Welcome to the 15th edition of your shareholder newsletter.

In this edition, I am very pleased to update you on a significant change in your company’s shareholder base as we welcome Intercontinental Exchange Inc. (ICE).

This follows the acquisition by ICE of the RBS Group’s shareholding in the company, equivalent to 4.7% of the total shares in issue, subject to completion of all required documents.

In accordance with the company’s articles of association, the request to register the transfer of the shares to ICE was reviewed and approved by the Euroclear Plc Board.

The addition of ICE to our shareholder base further strengthens your company’s position as an independent, profit moderated infrastructure that helps assure the efficiency, stability and safety of the global financial markets.

Furthermore, ICE’s investment reflects the attractiveness of Euroclear’s neutral open architecture model to players in the capital markets ecosystem, including other market infrastructures.

The collaborative nature of our model allows us to deliver both a diversified range of solutions that respond to the evolving needs of our clients around the world, and generate value for our shareholders.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank RBS for their many years as a supportive and engaged shareholder, and member of your company’s Board.

As always we welcome your views and feedback and hope you find this newsletter informative.

Marc Antoine Autheman

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Koenraad Geebels
Executive Secretary, Euroclear plc
+41 41 768 0700

Investor Relations
Euroclear plc
CH-6340 Baar Switzerland

Thomas Churchill
Investor Relations Officer
+41 41 768 0707


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