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Edition 21 - October 2018

Dear shareholders,

I am writing to you to provide you with an update on your company’s Corporate Evolutions and a reminder of the next steps in this process.

As we outlined at our recent Investor Day, we are preparing to move the ultimate holding company from the UK to Belgium. We have established Euroclear Holding SA, in Belgium, to become the new holding company for the Group.

The move will be completed via a UK Transfer Scheme of Arrangement (‘the Scheme’), which has now been approved by your Board. On completion of the Scheme, all shareholders will receive one ordinary share in Euroclear Holding SA for each Euroclear plc share they own.

The Scheme is subject to shareholder approval, which requires both a majority by number and at least 75% in value of shareholders voting.

Today, we have sent all shareholders the Transfer Scheme documentation, alongside the Notice of Shareholder Meeting and Proxy Voting forms. The voting process will be similar to a general meeting, and you will be able to submit proxy votes via email to

Please submit your Proxy Voting forms as soon as possible, ahead of the final postal and email submission deadline of 5 November. The shareholder meeting will be held on 7 November in Baar, Switzerland.

Once again, I would like to thank you for your participation in the process so far and request you to continue doing so.

We hope to give you another positive update in mid-November once the Scheme is approved by the UK Court.

Marc Antoine Autheman

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